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Nuru Massage is the fastest-growing Erotic Massage in Western Countries. This is a Japanese Erotic Massage technique that is proven to be the best stress-relieving B2b Massage in the Erotic Massage family.
Nuru Massage is an intense full body to body massage by using a thick water-based Massage gel which is extracted from Chamomile flower and other minerals added to get the ultra-thick form, It is colorless and odorless and it is safe for sensitive-skinned people.
The female masseuse slips and slides all over the body by rubbing private parts and brings intimacy between both partners.
When Full Body contact brings relaxation and arousal and the Massage brings a deeper sensation of sex without doing intercourse.
And it is a creative way of exercise for a couple. You can enjoy the art of Erotic pleasure of Nuru Massage with your partner or an intimate friend.


It is a magical massage that happens between partners are full body contact to every part of the body relax the body, and stimulate mutual sexual desire. The massage is completed with each partner absolutely nude, by using ultra-thick water-based slippery massage gel known as Nuru gel.
Nuru Massage in Bangalore, People love this massage as they get to experience eroticism and orgasm like never before. The experience of the massage is mind-blowing. This Massage is about connecting with each other’s bodies on an intense level and brings you intense arousal for both partners.
100% water-based gel we specially import from Bangkok that gives you exceptionally good for your skin and enjoyment will be boundless.
Our massage girls are specially trained and experienced so, our customers are never dissatisfied with our girls.
This is not only an eroticism but it has lots of health benefits too. We are one of the Best Body Massage Centers that offer Body to Body and other Erotic Massage 
Nuru Massage offers several health benefits too. The London-based agency stated that 80% of the people who have taken regular massage experienced significant well-being and their sexual life. And also helpful in relaxing muscles and moisturizing skin. 

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